With seasoned experts in security consulting, regulatory compliance, and security operations, Access Point enables you to manage your attack surface, detect and respond to cyber incidents, and foster innovation and growth within your company.


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"Access Point is more than staff augmentation. We don't have someone that we're just assigning tickets to and they’re processing. We have someone who's helping leadership, helping to set strategy, and helping us answer our customers’ questions. When done right, it doesn't have to be an additional management headache.”

David Habib
Chief Information Officer at Brightspot

"Access Point’s expertise in cybersecurity operations is remarkable. They helped establish our robust incident response team and implemented advanced monitoring and detection systems, tailoring solutions to our specific needs.”

Mary Kotch
VP CIO/CISO, Core Specialty Insurance

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Dangers of Unpatched Healthcare IoT and Network Systems

Dangers of Unpatched Healthcare IoT and Network Systems

It’s not uncommon for large healthcare organizations to support patients via thousands of systems––servers, network hardware, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices particular to the medical practice. Healthcare organizations are primary targets for attackers and are required to follow strict regulations to stop data breaches. HIPAA violations are costly, and unpatched hardware leaves healthcare systems vulnerable to numerous threats including malware, ransomware, security bypasses, and possible remote code execution. Patching systems with the latest update is critical to data protection and risk management, and it keeps the company compliant with HIPAA guidelines.

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Protecting Healthcare Legacy Systems with Micro-Segmentation

Protecting Healthcare Legacy Systems with Micro-Segmentation

Segmentation in network environments is nothing new. It’s common for administrators to segment the network based on logical functions and security controls. For example, the finance department is one segment, and the sales department is another segment. All segments can send traffic to email servers (for example), but user traffic does not enter finance or sales segments unless the user is authorized to access them.

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