Threat Intelligence

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, our Threat Intelligence service acts as a powerful countermeasure against emerging malware, ransomware, and vulnerabilities, safeguarding your systems from potential breaches. Studies have shown that organizations with robust cyber threat intelligence programs can significantly reduce the costs associated with data breaches by an average of $237,355. Beyond cost savings, our service enhances the overall security posture and maturity of your organization, providing actionable insights necessary for effective incident response through threat hunting. With real-time updates and proactive monitoring, we keep you protected from the latest emerging threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of your digital assets.

Our Approach

With Access Point Consulting's Threat Intelligence service, customers can expect a comprehensive approach to protecting their networks and systems.

Trend-Driven Threat Intelligence

Our intelligence team takes trending and current data related to cybersecurity threats from a wide range of sources and analyzes it to pinpoint specific threats that require attention and action, such as potential cyberattacks, security vulnerabilities, or malicious activities.

Proactive Detection

We employ software, hardware, network devices, and more to actively search for and identify malicious and adverse events, going beyond what traditional detection methods alone would provide. This approach broadens the scope of monitoring and increases the likelihood of identifying potential threats early on.

Monitoring Gap Identification

Through the process of actively searching for potential threats, and developing and refining systems for detecting threats, we identify areas where your monitoring systems may have gaps or weaknesses. We address them by implementing new detection mechanisms, improving existing monitoring tools, or updating your cybersecurity strategies.

Automated Detection Systems

We have the capability to automatically identify and flag network activities that are designated as malicious or unauthorized such as attempts to breach security measures, unauthorized access to sensitive information, or any other behavior that poses a threat to your organization's cybersecurity.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Support

Customers receive support throughout the entire process of threat hunting, from mapping potential threats using the MITRE ATT&CK framework — a widely-used knowledge base for adversary behavior and tactics — to utilizing advanced analytics techniques for hunting down and analyzing potential threats in their networks or systems. Access Point provides a complete range of services and tools to help customers identify, analyze, and respond to potential cybersecurity threats effectively, covering all stages of the threat hunting process from initial detection to in-depth analysis.

Customer Benefits

The challenges surrounding threat intelligence and hunting are more pronounced than ever. With the proliferation of high-profile attacks and unprecedented cyber activity, organizations face a daunting task in defending against increasingly sophisticated threats. While traditional security tools like Antivirus and EDR provide a baseline defense, they may not be adequate against the onslaught of specialty malware and AI-generated threats that evade automated detection methods. Attack patterns leveraging living-off-the-land techniques using existing tools within the environment pose significant detection challenges, allowing attackers to dwell undetected for extended periods. This underscores the critical need for a proactive and adaptive approach to threat intelligence and hunting. By leveraging advanced techniques and curated threat intelligence, our service empowers organizations to overcome these challenges, providing enhanced visibility, proactive threat detection, and accelerated response capabilities to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

Enhanced Detection of Unknown Threats

Our Threat Intelligence service uses advanced techniques to detect and identify potential threats, including those that may already be present within networks using sophisticated tools like PowerShell or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). By leveraging comprehensive threat intelligence and sophisticated detection methods, we can help organizations uncover and mitigate these hidden threats more effectively, reducing the risk of prolonged undetected attacks.

Improved System Visibility

We facilitate the integration of disparate security solutions and processes, breaking down departmental silos and providing a unified view of the threat landscape. By enhancing system visibility, organizations can better understand and respond to potential threats, improving the overall effectiveness of their threat programs.

Streamlined Data Management:

Our Threat Intelligence service helps threat hunting teams manage overwhelming volumes of data by providing curated and relevant information tailored to their specific needs. By reducing the noise and clutter in data sets, we enable more efficient threat detection and response, saving time and energy for security teams and accelerating threat response efforts.

Allow us to help your organization meet the challenges of managing unknown threats, lack of system visibility, and overwhelming volumes of data. We enhance the overall security posture of organizations, enabling them to stay ahead.

Allow us to help your organization meet the challenges of managing unknown threats, lack of system visibility, and overwhelming volumes of data. We enhance the overall security posture of organizations, enabling them to stay ahead.

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