Secure your business with flexible vCISO support.

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO) offering provides expert guidance and strategic direction to protect your business from cyber threats – without bloating your budget.

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Our mission is to advance your company’s cyber operations to a state of anticipatory defense, bringing them progressively into alignment with compliance guidelines such as NIST CSF and CIS 18, and compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, NYDFS, ISO-27001, GDPR, and FFIEC.

We use our Security Maturity Model as an instrumental tool for assessing where your company is situated on its journey to security maturity.

Level 1

At the Initial level, Access Point guides organizations in establishing the foundational elements of cybersecurity. We help you understand basic cyber threats and implement essential security controls, setting the stage for a more deliberate approach to cybersecurity. This level is about building awareness and starting the journey toward a secure digital environment.

Maturity Path to Level 2: Develop foundational cybersecurity strategies and begin risk identification processes.

Level 2

At Level 2, our focus shifts to helping organizations manage and coordinate their cybersecurity efforts. We assist in developing cybersecurity policies and practices, ensuring better management of cyber risks and laying the groundwork for more formal cybersecurity processes.

Maturity Path to Level 3: Establish structured risk management processes and formalize cybersecurity policies.

Level 3

For organizations at the Defined level, the emphasis is on solidifying and standardizing cybersecurity practices. We support the formalization and documentation of cybersecurity policies and procedures, ensuring they are consistently applied across the organization, which is crucial for advancing to higher maturity levels.

Maturity Path to Level 4: Integrate cybersecurity practices into all business operations and start focusing on quantitative management.

Level 4

At the Managed level, our role is to enhance the organization’s ability to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their cybersecurity initiatives. We aid in employing advanced analytical tools and measurement techniques, enabling data-driven decisions for continuous improvement in cybersecurity.

Maturity Path to Level 5: Implement advanced analytics for security operations and refine strategies based on measurable outcomes.

Level 5

At the Optimizing level, we collaborate with organizations to continuously improve and innovate on their cybersecurity practices. The focus here is on adapting to the ever-changing cyber threat environment and employing cutting-edge strategies to ensure that cybersecurity defenses are not only reactive but also proactive and predictive.

Maturity Path to Maintain Level 5: Focus on continuous innovation in cybersecurity practices and strategies to adapt to emerging threats and technologies.

Each level in the model is a step towards achieving a more robust and sophisticated cybersecurity posture, and Access Point Consulting provides the guidance and support to navigate this journey successfully.


What our clients are saying

"Access Point is more than staff augmentation. We don't have someone that we're just assigning tickets to and they’re processing. We have someone who's helping leadership, helping to set strategy, and helping us answer our customers’ questions. When done right, it doesn't have to be an additional management headache.”

David Habib
Chief Information Officer at Brightspot

"Access Point’s expertise in cybersecurity operations is remarkable. They helped establish our robust incident response team and implemented advanced monitoring and detection systems, tailoring solutions to our specific needs.”

Mary Kotch
VP CIO/CISO, Core Specialty Insurance

Industries & Use Cases


At Access Point, we know every industry has its own set of challenges and rules. That's why we offer services tailored to meet the unique needs of different sectors. Our solutions are made to fit exactly what your industry requires.

  • Financial Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Banking

Use Cases

Companies make their way to Access Point to handle a great variety of use cases.  Which look most like yours?

  • Manage internal and external cyber threats
  • Develop, implement, or review policies
  • Enhance organizational resilience
  • Plan for incident response
  • Prepare for an audit

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Dangers of Unpatched Healthcare IoT and Network Systems

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