Supply Chain

Risk Management

Organizations of all sizes rely on their supply chain providers for products and services to fulfill critical business functions. This reliance comes with risk: Third parties often have access to your systems, network, and sensitive data. A compromised third-party can provide attackers with an entry point into your organization and your data, potentially leading to a ransomware attack, data breach, financial loss, and reputational damage. By prioritizing stringent cybersecurity assessments and continuous monitoring of your third parties, our Supply Chain Risk Management service helps reduce the risk of a cyber event.

Our Approach

Access Point Supply Chain Risk Management is offered as a fully customizable managed service that provides customers with a quantifiable analysis of the cybersecurity level for each of their supply chain providers.

Automated Discovery for Vendor Security

Automated discovery is performed on each vendor, using public and dark web sources to identify previous security breaches and data-loss incidents.

IP & Domain Security Rating

IPs and domains are scanned and rated for adherence to security best practices and for unpatched vulnerabilities.

Map Data to Cybersecurity Frameworks

This data, along with vendor-supplied certifications and attestations, are mapped to industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks.

In-Depth Analysis for Customers

The results are reviewed by trained security analysts and provided to customers in an in-depth analysis.

Continuous Vendor Monitoring

When a vendor is onboarded, continuous monitoring for threats and vulnerabilities is performed to ensure new and emerging threats are identified.

Customer Benefits

Streamlined Supply Chain Security

Our tailored approach offers an economical way to manage supply-chain risk, eliminating the need for extensive in-house processes without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.

Enhanced Risk Management

Through our continuous monitoring and assessment, we provide comprehensive insights into vendor-associated risks, ensuring your business stays ahead of potential threats with actionable strategies for mitigation.

Proactive Improvement

Access Point Consulting's method not only identifies risks but also promotes an ongoing enhancement of your supply chain's security posture, contributing to a sustainable and mature risk management program.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Our service aligns with critical security and privacy standards, facilitating compliance and preparing your organization for audit requirements with thorough documentation and evidence.

The Privacy Rule establishes standards for the protection of individuals' medical records and other personal health information